Matte Grey is a modern recreation brand supplying men’s sportswear and accessories fit for the modern minded.  The label has become one of the fastest growing brands within the resort, country club, and sportswear industries.  The MG mark can be found on PGA Tour players, athletes, celebrities, and professionals throughout all walks of life.


As a former NCAA All-American and professional golfer, Travis Johnson traveled the world competing against many of today’s PGA and European Tour players.  During that time Travis became obsessed with perfecting every aspect of his game.  From his fitness, to the golf swing, to his mental approach, even to the way he traveled, Travis would ensure that not a single stone be overlooked during his journey perfecting his craft.
It was in 2006 when Travis realized there was one area of the game that was out of his control, that being the sportswear offerings surrounding the game and apparel industry at that time.  He and his peers alike found it next to impossible to find a sportswear brand that they identified with, nor could they find apparel with proper fabrics, fashion, fits, or functionality all combined in one.  Therein lays the seed of his original brand and the bridge that redirected Travis’ career forward.
Headed by the former professional golfer turned designer/entrepreneur, Travis sets out once again to capture culture by design while promoting community through brand.