Curating our designs is the art of finding garments that serve both function and fashion. We want women to look and feel good in our clothes. This is why we invest in cutting-edge fabrics and materials for their properties from moisture-wicking to sun-protection. Many of our tops are SPF 35-50 to prevent sunburns and skin damage.


GGblue crafts luxe, high-quality sportswear by women, for women. It uses durable, quality fabrics that keep you on the course. GGblue was born out of my vision to bring sophisticated sportswear from my mind to your reality. The first design was sketched out on a cocktail napkin on a trip to Mexico looking out over the Pacific. Years later, the brand has gained the trust of women nationwide, who know we deliver quality products and designs.
The name GGblue was inspired by my daughter, Georgia Grace, with blue eyes. After being blessed with two gorgeous sons, my daughter's birth was the inspiration that led me to follow the dream of starting this company. I am inspired every day to create a legacy of women’s sportswear that empowers women like my daughter. I gathered a team of knowledgeable and passionate women to help me build the brand up to become the company it is today.